Life-changing revelation into the Word and love of God

At a time when the message of the gospel has been diluted to adjust to a changing society, we stand on the unchangeable doctrines of Christ.


Welcome to Shekinah Ministries.

Through a lifestyle of praise and collective worship we came together in unity as believers with the goal of pressing toward the prize of the upward calling in Christ Jesus. It has changed our lives and will change yours, too, if you dare to believe

What To Expect
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Teacher & Pastor

Ron Crenshaw

Teacher and Pastor Ron Crenshaw's style is real and dynamic, bringing liberty and Truth to change lives. His teachings are available online via SoundCloud

Shekinah and the Anointing of God

The process of belief

We learned His Word and have partaken of the power and anointing of God which has enabled us to grow and obtain good success

Shekinah visits Azusa Street and the Bonnie Brae House

A mission of faith

Shekinah visited Azusa Street and the Bonnie Brae House where the Power of God was strong and in manifestation.