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Lessons to transform your life

Since the ministry began in 1989, Teacher and Pastor Ron Crenshaw has been recording and documenting the teachings he has shared with his congregation, knowing that the lessons were not merely for our congregation in California but also for the Body of Christ at large.

Many of these lessons are available online on this website, in written study-friendly format called Essays from the Word, in brief summaries known as The Latter Rain Update, or available through our church library.

The bible says that if you seek Him (God), you will find Him when you search for Him with all your heart.  These lessons are the answers to many of your prayers as to why things happen the way they do and how you can be successful in your Christianity.

Take heed that you do not take these teaching lightly because, “To whom much is given, much the more is required.”









Essays from the Word

Introduction to the Essays by Teacher and Pastor Ron Crenshaw

Faith is not a Dirty Word - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Faith is a most necessary component of our daily lives if we are to live according to the covenant that was established in the blood of Christ Jesus. Learn how to grow your faith to enable you to recieve the promises of God and be pleasing to Him.

God's Financial Plan - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
The Bible has much to teach on the subject of money and how to manage it. Find out where God stands on this subject and how to be successful in your finances.

The Godhead - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
When did Jesus begin? Has He always been known in the same way? Are the members of the Godhead three as one or one as three? How do they all fit in together?

Healing - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
How did sickness ever come about? Is it different from senescence or injury? Does God make anyone sick?

Honor and Integrity - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
These are two words that are seemingly lost in our society today and have also become lost within the Church. Learn why it is crucial for the Church to rise up in this area in order for us to fulfill our calling in Christ Jesus.

The Mystery of Marriage - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
God’s holy institution has a deeper meaning than most realize. This lesson unveils its history, purpose, constituents, and the marriage bed. You can have a beautiful and successful marriage if you follow these principles.

On the Question of Race - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
What makes mankind different from one another? How and when did variations in skin color start? Are people truly different from one another based upon these attributes?

Receiving the Holy Spirit - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
No other subject in all of Christianity has been the victim of more misinterpretation, false teaching, misunderstanding, and outright chicanery than the doctrine of receiving the Holy Spirit.

Salvation - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
What does it mean to be saved, and how does one obtain salvation? It's not a single experience like you may think. This is a must read for every Christian.

Tales of the Dark Side - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Darkness can only exist and prosper in the absence of Light. This lesson exposes our celestial enemy and his tactics that we might recognize him and take authority over our defeated foe.

Introduction to Essays from the Word, Part II

The Book of Proverbs - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
When a teacher within the Body of Christ is sharing principles and doctrines, the Lord gives him ways to convey these truths to the people. We’ve collected these nuggets, and we now share them with you.

The Epistles of Pastor Ron - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
In-depth letters and epistles fill the New Testament as the Leaders of the Church addressed issues that arose. In like manner, Pastor Ron has written several epistles on issues that needed attention.

Homosexuality, a Destroyer of Worlds - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Great civilizations have been destroyed for this heinous abomination, and now the United States is in line for judgment for societal acceptance of this sin. Pastor Ron unveils the Biblical truth about this topic, why God is opposed to it, how it culminates, and why the Church must make a stand against it.

Inconvenient Christianity - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Living the life of a believer may compel you to make stands that alienate you from your family and friends. There are many stumbling blocks to avoid, and this lesson identifies them.

Perfect Love - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Love is the most misunderstood phenomenon known to man. It’s not a feeling, nor is it an emotion. When understood and applied, it is the most powerful capacity in the universe. Learn what love truly is.

Questions that Demand Answers - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Over the years, Pastor has shared words of wisdom and counsel with the brethren on many topics. These are just some of the questions that they asked and the answers they received.

Sires, Dads, and Fathers - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
For those men who have children: which are you? This essay looks at the institution of fatherhood or the lack thereof and the Satanic plot to remove this weapon for raising Godly offspring.

Then, Now, and When - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Understanding time, what it is, and where it is relevant will bring greater understanding of the Word of God. It will unlock the mysteries of faith, prophecy, predestination, and celestial relativity.

Through the Wilderness - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Every Christian must traverse this “place” in their journey towards maturity, and it has proven to be quite effective in molding God's people into vessels of honor. Learn what its like and how to exit from it.

A Time to Hate - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time to hate, but when is that time? How should it be applied? Creation will never be free from evil unless this potent tool is used. Find out when and how.

The Tripartite Man - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
The three components of mankind are unveiled, enabling us to better understand the creatures that we are and how we fit into God’s plans and purposes. This lesson also addresses “evolution” and “strange flesh”.

The Two Witnesses - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Who are the two whom God will give power to in the Book of Revelation? Learn who they are and their role in the End Times scenario.

The Wiles of the Devil - Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF
Want to know the game plan, tactics, and strategies of our enemy the devil so that we can be victorious over his attacks? This lesson peels back the layer of darkness to reveal what lies beneath.

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Lessons from our church library (Interactive live teachings from the school of the Spirit at Shekinah)
If you would like to order one of these lessons available via CD, please email

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Rapture, the
The Secret
Unjust Weights and Measures






















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