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Online lessons to transform your life

In 2000, the airwaves where Shekinah Ministry makes its home were awakened to some Straight Talk from the Word. This year-long radio broadcast hosted by our very own Teacher and Pastor Ron Crenshaw provided listeners with the opportunity to hear strong, unbridled teaching from the Word of God. The show aired for approximately one year with listeners able to call-in questions about the topics being covered or, "just any old topic," as Pastor stated. Tap into these once "live" broadcasts to get straight answers and insight into the topics covered. As the announcer states, "You will be amazed at Pastor Ron's insight into the Word of God and how it can change your life.
Online lessons streaming to your computer

Elementary Principles
God's Financial Plan
Honor and Integrity
Mystery of Marriage
On the Question of Women
Perfect Love
Practical Guide to Christian Living
Rightly Dividing the Word 1
Rightly Dividing the Word 2
Rightly Dividing the Word 3

Download Entire Lessons
Book of Proverbs
Book of Revelations
Danger of Complacency
The God Head (Straight
Talk version)
Honor and Integrity
Lack, Sufficiency & Abundance
Ministry Gifts
Receiving the Holy Spirit
These Signs Will Follow
Tales of the Darkside
Wiles of the Devil

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