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Pastor Crenshaw was born in 1956 in Schnectady, New York, and he grew up in the Bronx, New York City.  When he gave his life to the Lord, the fire of his conversion was so great that he was compelled to share his faith with everyone he met. He was given a word of prophecy stating that he would be a teacher, but he had no understanding of what it meant at that time. In 1986 he was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and the following year, God led him to take his wife and two children to Bakersfield, California, where they currently reside. Dissatisfied with the watered-down religious doctrines available in the majority of the churches he encountered, he began to minister in his home to a handful of Christians who were also seeking the truth.

Pastorsiting After five years, the house could no longer contain the congregation, now known as Shekinah Ministries.  The church moved into their former home at 4600 Ashe Road.   The teaching anointing grew rapidly, and the revelation knowledge Pastor Crenshaw has received from the Word of God has enabled him to show the deep truths in the Bible. Pastor Crenshaw desires to see the Body of Christ rise up to the fullness of its authority in the name of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. He exhorts fellow pastors to be strong leaders -- zealous against false doctrines that weaken the believers and allow defeat by Satan. He believes that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and it is the only proof he offers to substantiate his teachings. Pastor Crenshaw is devoted to doing the works of Jesus: preaching salvation, administering the baptism with the Holy Spirit, healing the sick, and equipping the saints for the work of ministry.

Pastor's style of teaching is straight and to the point, and this is what causes people's lives to be changed.  He does not muddy up the Word of God with his own opinion or popular thinking.  He simply allows the Spirit of God to give him revelation about the Word and the doctrines of God that have been mysteries since the beginning of time.  He has no point beyond which he will not go in the Word; a comfort zone does not exist in Pastor Ron's walk and ministry.  He is willing to be used and to go wherever God leads him. 

PastorlistensLives are being changed through the Ministry of God being executed through Pastor Ron.  He reveals the truth of God regarding His people and the Lord's will for His children in every aspect of life.  From why mankind is in the state that it is today, to how it got there, and how we can escape the "curse" on the Land; the Lord reveals to Pastor hidden mysteries.  One of Pastor's strongest goals is to enlighten the Body of Christ as to who they are in the Lord and to appraise them of the promises of God that are theirs if they simply believe. 




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