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Who We Are
We are a non-denominational, Spirit-filled, teaching ministry. We are people that are hungry for God's best, and we are willing to abandon all that we thought we knew to grab hold of the truth of the Word of God.

We are a very close, fun loving family. We enjoy sports, love music of all kinds, and, wherever we go, we radiate the love of God and love for one another. Visitors always testify that they can feel the love of God in our midst when they come. Our congregation is from many different economic, cultural, social, and denominational backgrounds...but we are one in the Lord.

What You Can Expect When You Come to Church
A typical Sunday at Shekinah starts with Teacher and Pastor Ron Crenshaw addressing the congregation about current issues pertaining to the life of the ministry.

  • After this, we praise and worship the Lord with our whole hearts. We believe in making a joyful noise unto the Lord, and we do so with the piano/keyboard, bass guitar, saxophone, drums, congas, and a team of praise and worship song leaders.
  • After the regularly scheduled songs are over, we take the time to sing with our spirits and worship the Lord freestyle.
  • This leads into a time of prayer and often an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on those who step forward to receive. This is always very exciting.
  • After praise and worship is the official teaching; therefore, questions and comments from the congregation are welcomed. We are in the School of the Spirit here. After the regular planned lesson, Pastor is open to answer questions on any topic; potpourri questions. Here is your chance to ask that question that you've always wondered about.
  • After the teaching, we hear “praise reports” from the congregation during a time of sharing. It is often encouraging hearing how God worked in the lives of others and can do the same in your own life, since He is not a respecter of persons.
    In closing the official worship day, we hear announcements of upcoming events, and then Pastor Ron closes in prayer.
  • It's not over yet, though! Next we prepare to celebrate the Lord's Communion together (every Sunday). It consists of a full-course meal where we sit with our brethren and sistren and fellowship.
  • After communion, Pastor Ron and the Elders are available for individual counseling

What is Shekinah?
It is the glory and presence of God; sometimes tangible, and even visible.  It describes the indescribable experience of God’s presence with us.  This text will explain what it is and who we are in this ministry.

The word Shekinah, found in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia,  literally means dwelling.  It is used in Rabitic literature to signify God’s presence, and it is used in Hebrew writings to describe where God dwells.  Although the word Shekinah does not occur in the Bible, the root skn occurs not only in the verb dwell, but also in the noun miskan, which means dwelling place or tabernacle.  Also, the name Shecaniah, “Yahweh dwells”, is found in I Chron. 3:21.  The promise that God would dwell with mankind, goes back to Noah’s blessing in Genesis 9:27; the Aramaic Onkelos and the Aramaic Targum (an Aramaic paraphrase of the Old Testament) renders this verse to read, “He will cause His Skekinah to dwell in the dwelling place of Shem.”  God first revealed His Glory cloud in Exodus 13:21, which represented His presence and protection in the Wilderness.  This Glory cloud also rested upon Mount Sinai when Moses communed with God and received the Ten Commandments.         

God’s desire is to tabernacle or dwell with man.  Before we were born-again,  God could not dwell within us because we were not sanctified.  So He had them sanctify a piece of ground and build a tabernacle (which was basically a tent covered with curtains), and in that He dwelt.  His Shekinah Glory or His presence or His essence descended down  in the midst of the Ark of the Covenant, the one place on earth that God sanctified for His Spirit to dwell.  After many generations, Solomon built Him a house which we call the Temple.  The Shekinah Glory of God moved from the tabernacle into the temple where it stayed until Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished.”  Then the Shekinah glory departed from the temple and ascended to Heaven.  It returned fifty days later, on the Day of Pentecost, to take up its final abode in the hearts of man; which was God’s plan from the beginning.  Before God could do that, man’s heart had to be changed to be sanctified, or set apart, to become holy that it could be a suitable dwelling place for the Shekinah of God.   

Why is this ministry named Shekinah Ministries?  For several years after we became a ministry, we had no name.  We were just folks who gathered together at Pastor Ron’s house on Sunday.  We were just church, and we didn’t have or need a name.  When we decided to become official as a ministry, we needed a name; especially when we were to get a building.  The one thing Pastor knew for sure was that it was not going to be named Ron Crenshaw ministries because it wasn’t his ministries, but the Lord’s.  He didn’t even want his name associated with it at all.  The name on Pastor’s heart very strongly was Shekinah, which was so apropos as to who we are in the Lord.  This was a place where the glory of God would dwell and have a place; to have a home.  That is how we came to be known as Shekinah Ministries.   

We experience the Shekinah in our ministry continually as we obey, live, speak, believe, and act upon the Word of God.  He moves in response to His Word and those who make their stand on it.  That is who we are, and that is why we know, understand, and experience the Shekinah of God in our midst.

About Us.
...Our congregation is from many different economic, cultural, social, and denominational backgrounds...but we are one in the Lord.
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