Latter Rain Update - November 1996


But who is it? Who’s right? Is it God, or is it you?

If you can answer this question correctly, you will know the secret to having immovable, unshakable commitment to the Lord. You want that, right? Well, let’s solve this equation:

Step One: Consider that we have a universe around us - creation. Only an insane person would say that it happened by random happenstance; they are the fool talked about in Psalm 14:1. Everyone else accepts that someone or something must be responsible for creation existing.

Step Two: This someone is a Supreme Being, Creator; God. The result of our equation thus far is that we all believe in God.

Step Three: If there is a Supreme Being, how are we going to know about Him? What is He like: His nature, His character? What does He demand from us? There must be some way to interface and communicate with Him.

The primary way we learn about God is through creation. It bespeaks and testifies of Him. We have knowledge of Him like this. Creation is not Him, but it is a similitude of Him.

Step Four: What does He want from us? How do we know?

Through His Word, the Bible. Those of us with pure, reasoning hearts have spirits that bear witness to the truth of the Word. This is why some people believe and some don’t. Those who believe have spirits that are in tune with God. Our hearts are our beacon to Him; "The spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the inner depths of his heart (Prov.20:27)."

Step Five: So if we’ve accepted that the Word is true, we now know that the creation is here because of the Creator. We also know the Creator because of the creation which bespeaks the glory of the Creator. We can also now talk to or hear from the Creator through His word.

Here’s where the problem starts. Now we must listen and obey the Creator. Here’s where it’s most dangerous because, for now, this is the only evidence of Him that He is going to give us. He gave us creation, the Word, and Jesus in the Word.

At this point, we must all make a decision based on what we already know of Him whether we'll serve Him or not. For some, they have not yet been given enough evidence. One thing keeps them from going any further in this equation. This is where the rubber meets the road toward pressing on to immutable, unshakable Christianity and to being always in danger of falling away. It is pride. What manner of pride, and how does it manifest? Well, if we’ve accepted that this creation was made by a Supreme Being and that this Supreme Being is God; and, if we accept that the Bible is His Word, we have to accept one other fact. It is not possible for Him to be wrong. If something doesn’t fit, He can’t be the one in error, it must be us. Here is where we wrestle - with being obedient to the Word, accepting, and living by the Word. When it rubs up against our opinions or what we think it should be, we have conflict. So we try to change the Word to fit our views or circumstances. By doing this, we are trying to go up to God’s level. Before we can do that, we have to be able to stand at creation as the Creator with a universe all our own. Since we can’t do that, we should just get back in line with the Word. We’ve all disagreed with the Word at some time or another whether in tithing, for the wives to be submissive to their husbands, in assembling yourselves together, or in rendering honor to whom honor is due.

No one can convince you that God’s Word is true. You have to make that quality decision for yourself. If your circumstances don’t line-up with the Word, you must have done something wrong, not God. Only pride will cause us to doubt and reject the truthfulness of the Word and thereby reject the communication from the Creator when things don’t agree with it.

Step Six: Make the judgment that God is god, and not you; there can be only one. If He’s the One, He must be right 100% of the time. This is The Secret.

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