W hen King David offered to build God a house, he never anticipated the Father's response. He must have been surprised when God told him, No, but that He would make a house of David. That house is the awesome building described in Revelations 21 which is still being built upon today. It is the House of God.

Unlike other houses, God's house is made of living stones. Those who belong to the kingdom of God each have their own place in His building. First of all, the cornerstone of His kingdom is His Son Jesus. From Him, the foundation has been laid with the twelve apostles. They are those men who walked with Jesus while He was on the earth, and they later declared His salvation and power to the world after He was resurrected. They literally laid the foundation for salvation into the kingdom of God through the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus. It is from their testimony that we, 2000 years later, are able to come into the knowledge of Jesus. Next, we see the gates into the kingdom of God, and on them are written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. It was through these twelve tribes and the faith of father Abraham, that the Gentiles are able to enter in to salvation. Then, the house is further constructed with rubies, saphirres, and diamonds - these are those who have entered into the kingdom of God by faith in Jesus. The building of God continues to grow as more souls are won to the Lord. We are His house, and His Spirit dwells in us. We are the living stones discussed in I Peter 2:4.

So, if you thought that the House of God was a building on the corner of Main and Elm Streets, now you know differently. We are God's house. Our bodies are the temple of His Spirit. Once we have received Him, the Holy Spirit takes up residency in us to empower us to be witnesses and to mold and shape us into the image of Jesus so that we are suitable material for God's house.

Did you think that the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven as a bride adorned for her groom was a literal city? Most Christians do, but now we know that it is us, His Living City.

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