Latter Rain Update - September 1996


In the August edition of the Latter Rain Update, we learned some of the attributes of David that made him "A Man After Godís Own Heart". He was valiant, humble, generous, a man of faith, and he would not dare to rise-up against Saul whom God had anointed as king although he did evil to David.

Part II of this study begins with an awesome display of homage and praise from King David to the Lord in the sight of all Israel. King David danced before the Lord with all his might in what we would consider today to be undergarments (II Samuel 6:14-16). As he whirled and leaped before the Lord, his wife looked upon him and despised him for making such an undignified open display of affection to the Lord God Jehovah. This still happens today when the religious folks and those who are instruments of Satan call us fanatics who do likewise and claim that our actions of praise to God are based upon emotions. They contend that our whooping and hollering is an "emotional trip." They do not know the honor that we bestow upon our God when we praise Him unabashedly from our hearts. Once again, it was David, who made this grand display of adoration, who had the testimony of A Man After God's Own Heart, not his indignant wife Michal who died a barren woman.

We also noted something very important that David did when addressing the Lord (II Samuel 7:22). He began to recite how awesome the Lord was and reminded Him of the wonderful things that He had done for His people. He was praising God for who He is; he was bragging about his Lord. This catches Godís attention! He is eager to move on behalf of those who believe in him and what He is capable of! Doubters beware! If you address God without this faith that David expressed, you will get nothing from Him (James 1:6-8). That is why many Christians don't receive what God has for them - they doubt that God wants to give it to them. Therefore they never receive healing, prosperity, peace, or victory.

Now, David was human just like all of us, so it is possible for all of us who are God's children to have the testimony that he had. We discovered that David was subject to falling just as we are, but what he did when he fell makes all the difference to God. When David sinned against the Lord in II Samuel 11-12, he had a repentant heart for his sin. He did reap the consequences of his sin, but God "put away his sin" and had mercy upon him because he humbled himself before the Lord. God will do the same for us, too, if we do likewise.

As we studied more about David, we saw that he ruled his kingdom with an iron rod, just like God does His own. All those whom David fought against, he subdued or killed. There was no doubt who was the head of his kingdom.

David was also a man of his word. He made a covenant with Jonathan, Saul's son in I Samuel 20:12-17 where he vowed to show the kindness of the Lord to him and his descendants. David honored his word and sought for a descendent of Saul whom he could show kindness to in II Samuel 9. He found a son of Jonathan still alive, Mephibosheth, and he gave to him and his sons all the land of Saul, showed kindness to him, and he provided a place for him at his own table like one of his own sons.

There is still more to be learned from David in this lesson, so look for more keys to having the same testimony as David did in the next edition of the Latter Rain.